About the Industrial Affiliates Program

You can view a proposal, presentation or our brochure explaining the program and its benefits.

IAP is a Unique Educational Experience

  • Smart move for a student
    • Acquire knowledge, skills, and expertise not possible through the traditional classroom
    • Undergraduate Research and Development
    • State of the art technologies
  • Highly attractive for employers
    • Enhanced Interview Process
      • Poster, Project Supervision, Oral Presentation, Lab Visit, Interview
  • Promote joint projects between ECE faculty and IAP companies
  • Link Industry, ECE students, and Faculty

During the years IAP sponsored projects have evolved

  • TI, UPRM-TI Collaborative Program
    • + 12 years of Research collaboration
    • ICDL design infrastructure renovation
  • IBM, Shared University Research Program
    • Electronics/computational infrastructure for complex automation circuits design
  • HP, University Relations Program
    • Infrastructure enhancement
    • Over 6 research projects
  • Verizon
    • Over $1M in scholarship and project funding
    • Verizon Wireless Lab coming soon
  • MIT-LL
    • Best IAP Student Awards

Member Companies

NXP Semiconductors Harris GM Foundation Lincoln Laboratory Raytheon Texas Instruments Verizon Lockheed Martin dxc.technology