Request for Proposals For Next Academic year

Deadline: 3rd Friday of April , at 5:00pm

The Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) is a company sponsored program at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. IAP seeks to foster active participation of undergraduate students by involving them in research and development projects in electrical and computer technologies and their applications. This Request for Proposals is for the Next Academic Year. Projects supported should start in August and end by May of the next year. Professors of the Electrical & Computer Engineering department and representatives from the IAP member companies are invited to submit proposals.

  • Proposals should be submitted no later than 5:00 PM of the due date. After that time the electronic submission will stop accepting proposals automatically.
  • Each proposal should be in accordance with the objectives of this program. Information about IAP objectives and goals can be found at
  • At least one faculty member or industry representative and one undergraduate student must participate in each project.
  • The project's budget should not exceed $2,500.00.
  • Proposals should be up to 5 pages long and must be submitted Adobe PDF format through the IAP website. Click here to submit a proposal
    • Cover Page with Project title, author’s name and an abstract/executive summary
    • Research Background and Problem Statement
    • Objectives
    • Methodology
    • Time schedule (August - May)
    • Skills developed by students during the project and corresponding activities
    • Metrics to Judge Project Success
    • Bibliography/References
    • Budget justification
    • References

Click here to download a sample proposal template. It is compulsory for all projects supported by IAP to:

  • submit a report by the end of the project in May,
  • give an oral presentation at the IAP Annual Conference,
  • present a poster at the IAP's Fall meeting,
  • students and Faculty are expected to attend IAP sponsored seminars and meetings through the year, which include, but are not limited to, poster preparation seminar (Fall), resume preparation seminar (Fall), oral presentation seminar (Spring) and IAP Annual Conference (Spring).
IAP companies are particularly interested in giving undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary projects allowing them to develop their teamwork skills and give them a broader view of engineering.

We strongly encourage the participation of female students in the projects.   Projects will be evaluated by their:
  • Technical merit
  • Experiences provided to undergraduate students
  • Feasibility of completion in one year
  • Budget reasonability

The projects must be performed by UPRM undergraduate students.  IAP Funds can be used for equipment, materials and publication. Funding for traveling to conferences is not considered in this RFP. The IAP board reserves the right to revise the award depending on available funds and resources. IAP funds can not be used for faculty or student salaries. IAP is not intended to support multi-year efforts. General purpose equipment such as scanners, printers, etc. are not supported by IAP funds. Funds for computers are only granted if the equipment will be needed for the proposed research.

Member Companies

NXP Semiconductors Harris GM Foundation Lincoln Laboratory Raytheon Texas Instruments Verizon Lockheed Martin